Foreign Exchange

Common Questions

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What does your service involve?

In the early stages your consultant will spend time gaining an in-depth knowledge of your business. Once this has been achieved, our service is primarily delivered over the telephone. The service enables you to minimise and mitigate your FX risk, ultimately protecting your core business profits. We do this through aiding you to streamline your FX management by devising an effective framework within which to manage your FX exposure and help you to optimise the timing of your transactions, enabling you trade at the best time and the best price for you as a business.

Where is my value for money?

Inevitable movements in the foreign exchange markets have a direct impact on your profitability.  In favourable conditions this can be a welcome benefit, but in times of adverse movements the negative consequences can be severe.  Large multi-national corporations are in an enviable position; they have the treasury department resources and infrastructure to manage foreign exchange risk themselves at enormous cost.  But how can a typical SME protect its business from the same volatility risks? Our foreign exchange advisory service exists to meet this requirement.  When working with us, you gain the resource of a large treasury function, but at a fraction of the cost.  We work for you to design, implement and pro-actively manage your bespoke Foreign Exchange Management policy, minimising and mitigating the risks to which your company‚Äôs profits are exposed.

How is your service different from my bank?

We do not transact our client's currency but instead provide independent, impartial advice as to how best to manage your FX exposure.

How do you get paid?

We charge a fixed monthly consultancy fee which is based on the complexity of your affairs and the different aspects of the service you require.