Foreign Exchange

Our Approach

We offer:

Commercial exchange rates

When completing overseas transactions we aim to provide you with a better exchange rate than your bank.

Proactive dealing

We believe in proactive advice, so, as well as spot/forward contracts, HiFX offers clients the facility to buy or sell foreign exchange at pre-determined prices. This enables you to protect against adverse currency swings whilst securing enhanced exchange rates, when available. Orders are monitored around the clock and our dealers will help you establish the appropriate levels at which to place market orders.


In April 2005 HiFX became the world’s 31st company to gain access to SWIFT, the largest international settlements network. This ensures the most secure and timely delivery of payments around the globe. Our SWIFT membership, together with our investment in Straight Through Processing, enables us to provide unrivalled customer service without the need for call centres.

Online payments

Our highly secure online payments platform,  which is VeriSign accredited, will allow you to access and set varying levels of authorisation within your business, for control and ease of making regular foreign currency payments. Your team will be able to set-up multiple payment beneficiary templates and settlement instructions, prepare individual or bulk payments for authorisation, approve payments, check statuses of pending transactions and manage open account balances. Easy and immediate reporting access includes: account movements, open statuses, confirmations, supporting documentation and historic transactions for reconciliation. Highly competitive transaction fees ensure added value to your bottom line.