French Mortgages

Mortgage Types

Repayment Mortgage

Standard repayment mortgages at the best rates, flexible and with the ability to convert to fixed at anytime. EMS can also offer short term Discounted fixed rates in the early years

Fixed Rates

Fixed rates over varying period up to 25 years giving you the peace of mind to structure your purchase with no worries over future interest rates.


Convertible mortgages which particularly suit building projects where amortization can be deferred.

Interest Only

Stand alone interest only mortgages and also those supported by savings plans. Allows maximization of tax relief particularly suited to Buy to Let and Holiday homes used for rental purposes.


Range of different mortgage products suited to leaseback investments and also unique investment schemes through our French Bank partners.

Currency Switch

The Euro Mortgage Shop is one of very few companies that can offer you a French Mortgage with the facility to borrow in the currency of your choice*. A French mortgage with a difference we can provide finance in Euro, Sterling or indeed US$, Yen, Aus $, NZ $, Can $ and Swiss Franc with the facility to switch between currencies. For the financial astute borrower, this is a highly specialised facility that will be of benefit to a number of our clients.